IB Exam Schedule 2019

IB Exams - Spring 2019
Posted on 01/16/2019
The IB Examinations will be given off-site. Students will be given a form to have signed by parents. They are required to get to exams and from them on their own. If there is a transportation problem, please inform the IBDP or IBCP Coordinators three weeks in advance. Exams will begin at 8AM (unless otherwise stated)in the morning with an arrival time of 7:50. The afternoon exams will start at 12PM (unless otherwise stated)with an arrival time of 11:50. Students are expected to bring with them pens (not gel pens), pencils, calculators(batteries), rulers, protractors and erasers. They may bring water. They can leave at anytime up until the last 15 minutes of the exams. In the last 15 minutes all must stay until all exams are collected. Exams will not be rescheduled. If a student is running late, they must call the main office to speak with Mrs. Slover who will contact the testing centre. If it is possible, students will be started upon arrival. They may not be given more time than the allotted time left. Being ill is not excused. We will accommodate as best we can by segregating the student so that they may take their examinations, but there will be no rescheduling. They must attend and take all the exams as scheduled. No excused absences are given. Students missing the exams will jeopardize their scores and potentially their programs.

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